Beat Learning

Beat Learning

Beat Learning utilizes multisensory techniques and strategies to stimulate learning on multiple levels; at times for grade-level students and frequently for students with learning disabilities.

Learning-disabled students have learning differences in one or more areas of spelling, reading, math, listening comprehension, and expressive language.  When students are taught using techniques consistent with their learning styles, they learn more easily, quickly and can retain and apply concepts more readily to future learning.

The Beat Learning System

The Beat Learning invention (Patent Pending) implements a teaching style that helps learners to use all of their multisensory abilities to collect information about a task and link that information to solve the task.  These multisensory techniques that are all inherent in the Beat Learning invention enable learners to use their personal areas of strength to help them learn.

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The Beat Learning invention addresses the learning needs of various types of learners.

Beat Learning Auditory learners benefit from the sounds produced, visual learners are able to visualize the letters as they are projected on a wall, and kinesthetic learners are able to carry out physical activity by punching the bag.  The multisensory techniques that are utilized by the Beat Learning invention include: displaying the images of letters, and eventually words, on a screen, which stimulates visual reasoning & learning.

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The Beat Learning invention system audibly articulates the letter sounds and later the words that invoke the auditory process which focuses on sound and elicits verbal reasoning.  The Beat Learning system causes the learner to coordinate his/her muscle movements by synchronizing his/her movements when punching the punching bag at the appropriate intervals.  This in turn applies to the kinesthetic learning, which involves students carrying out fine and gross motor movement and hand-eye coordination.  The Beat Learning system requires the learner to touch the punching bag, which stimulates the sense of touch.

Struggling readers often lack phonemic awareness and the ability to decode words.  This invention incorporates sounds of letters that make up words, a key component in the development of spelling and reading skills.  Being able to manipulate the phonemes or sounds that make up words is a critical piece for struggling readers and spellers.  This invention incorporates phonemic awareness practice.  Another key component of learning to spell and read that Beat Learning addresses is phonics or the sound-symbol connection.  By connecting the sound to the image of the letter, students develop their phonetic abilities.  The English language has over 40 phonetic sounds that Beat Learning can address; including vowels, consonants, blends, dipthongs, and digraphs.

The multisensory nature of the Beat Learning invention deems it advantageous for very young preschoolers through older learners of all abilities and levels.  Another attribute is that it can be modified and adapted for all learners by computerizing new subject information, such as math, that is customized for each individual.  The Beat Learning invention is a remarkably engaging and educational program that can be formulated for anyone.